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Résumé Hack #3: You Look Great! But Don't Include a Photo

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

I'm not sure who needs to hear this, but stop including a picture of yourself on your résumé. I don't know when or why that trend started. If you're a model and shopping around for an agency, sure, send them your picture (I think that's how that works), but if you're a computer engineer or even an executive, sending a picture with your résumé may do more harm than good.

I'm sure you're attractive and you get that all the time, but companies seriously recruiting for candidates are less impressed with your looks and more intrigued by what you can do for them. I have yet to see a job requirement of "sitting pretty."

Most companies use software to scan for keywords on your résumé before human eyes see it. And if you don't have the keywords they're looking for on your résumé, it will be discarded before it reaches an HR recruiter. The most important thing about your résumé is your skills, accomplishments, and work experience. Focus on that.

If you want to include your picture and your accomplishments somewhere, get a LinkedIn account. A lot of recruiters use that social networking platform to find good talent. Include a nice professional head shot as your profile picture and try to avoid random selfies you took a few years ago with your nephew making faces in the background. You can but...

Pro tip: I recommend getting a new professional head shot at least once a year. Keep your head shot as current as possible.

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